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9 Gardening Trends in 2023

It’s an exciting time of the year because we begin thinking about the flowers, vegetables, fruits, herbs, and style of our plant nursery. Here are the predicted plant trends in 2023.

1. Healthy Houseplants In the wintertime, it’s hard for our houseplants to get the sunlight and warmth they need, but luckily, spring is just around the corner and will fix those problems! During the cold months, the heater tends to blast hot, dry air that doesn’t give the houseplants what they need. Now it’s getting warm, so open the windows and place them outside so they can soak up the sunshine.

2. Leftovers Means Beautiful Compost Yes, we can go to the store and buy soil that comes in plastic bags, but we can take our gardening to the next level by using more natural forms of fertilizer. By collecting organic scraps from the dinner table and putting the pieces in a composting bin, your garden will have rich, nutritious soil for outdoor plants to blossom. Recycle dairy leftovers, grains, coffee filters, egg shells, and so many more products like newspapers into healthy soil for the garden.

3. Information at Our Fingertips It’s amazing what our digital devices can do, but we’re expecting even more help from our smartphones this year. For example, LeafSnap is an artificial intelligence app that can tell you all the information you need to know about a plant by taking a quick picture. For plants that are giving you trouble, the Sun Seeker app tracks the sun and provides advice based on what the plant needs.

4. Forget the Supermarket We all know that picking fruits and vegetables from the garden tastes significantly better than picking them up at the grocery store (even if you buy organic). Let’s take gardening a step further by growing our own spices and herbs. It might seem intimidating, but it’s easier than you may think. Keep the plants on the windowsill from March to April, and put them outside during the summer. Just think, next time you need a spice for dinner, walk outside and pick it fresh!

5. Less Work this Year It can be beneficial to have a garden, and we all love showing it off to our guests, but it does call for a lot of maintenance. Let’s take the easy route this spring and have a gravel garden. Gravel gardens take 80 percent less maintenance than traditional ones. Once you’ve chosen the location for your gravel garden, install an edge, spread gravel, and put the plants in! It does take some initial work, but you’ll save time with maintenance.

6. Embracing the Chaos This year, we predict hedges and green walls will make a comeback. Take that bush you’ve wanted to cut down and see if you can make it work on the front lawn. Incorporating natural plants that can make a green wall or keeping the overgrown bush in the yard can help with flooding in the future.

7. Keeping Our Favorite Flowers This isn’t a new trend, but it’s a great way to keep that flower that sticks out to you when you walk past the rose bush. By drying and pressing unique flowers, we can decorate our homes and forever remember the beautiful petals. Take sustainability a step further and create unique wreaths and garlands from pressed flowers.

8. Welcome the Bugs Welcome the bees, beetles, butterflies, and other bugs into your garden. Bugs can pollinate flowers, spined soldier bugs will eat the pests threatening the garden, and this can bring beautiful birds to your haven. If you don’t have an outdoor garden but want to help the neighborhood insects, consider changing the patio’s white lights to yellow or warm-hued LEDs. The white light lures bugs and creates swarms, but the warmer-colored lights don’t have this effect.

9. Vertical Gardening If you want to challenge yourself this year, try vertical gardening. This type of gardening is perfect for limited space or to cover an unattractive wall. To begin this process, select a wall and create or buy the frame. Add fabric, an irrigation system, and fertilizer. Attach the pots, choose your greenery, and place the plants.

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