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Brandon Foreman


It’s safe to say that running Baton Rouge Parents Magazine (BRPM) is in Brandon’s blood–quite literally. He is the son of Publisher and CEO, Amy Foreman-Plaisance, and if you have a technology problem, he can solve it for you quite easily. He’s a guy you want to make sure you have in your contact list when Siri can no longer help you, because your iPhone is doing weird things. Brandon makes sure we stay on track each month, but he also remains 10 steps ahead of us because while we are doing one thing, he has already figured out a better and more efficient way for us to do that same task. He is a father to three children who greet him with an excited “Daddy!” every time they visit the office. For entertainment, he is a fan of Top Gun and Suits, and can even DJ–something that has come in handy at BRPM events.

Amy Foreman


Amy was born in Albert Lea, Minnesota but has called Baton Rouge home since she was four years old. She’s the person in the office who keeps all the wheels in motion whether it be through helping out in editorial, working in accounting, or simply asking how you are because she genuinely cares. When she’s not making sure we are all working toward putting together a great publication each and every month, Amy is taking care of her three children: her oldest daughter, Kylee, and her twin boys, Dylan and Tyler, who are seriously the spitting image of her and her hardworking husband, Brandon. But if it’s game day, you can bet she is dressed in purple and gold (with a purple hair streak) and in Tiger Stadium cheering on LSU.


Amanda Miller

Managing Editor

Amanda became a member of the Baton Rouge Parents Magazine family in 2012 when she began working as an Editorial Intern. And to put it simply, she never left. After graduating from Southeastern Louisiana University with a Mass Communications and Journalism degree, Amanda worked her way through the Editorial department–editing articles, writing articles, and color-coordinating her email inbox. She now manages the controlled–but still exciting–chaos in the department, and she wouldn’t change it for one second. When she’s not working on Baton Rouge Parents Magazine’s latest and greatest idea, she enjoys spending time with her family, watching Saturday Night Live and The Big Bang Theory, and indulging in her guilty pleasure of french fries in all forms–cheesy, waffle-y, and seasoned.

Emily Drez

ASSistant editor

As a Baton Rouge native, Emily joined our team as an intern in September of 2020 and is now a writer and an editor. She is currently a senior English major at LSU and has her eyes set on obtaining an MFA in creative writing. In her free time, Emily can be found working through her ever-growing shelf of unread books, listening to Taylor Swift, and writing stories (sometimes all at once, and usually in a coffee shop). She loves to travel and would immediately buy a one-way ticket to Spain if she were to win the lottery. She is also passionate about local bookstores and is well-versed in all of John Mulaney’s Netflix specials.


Victoria Cotejar


If you’re ever in need of a good, Korean drama watch list, Victoria is here for you! All the way from Cebu, Philippines, Victoria loves watching relatable comedy, especially comedians like  Michael Mcintyre and Jo Koy. She loves to laugh, which is what keeps our content on social media so entertaining! Victoria’s favorite childhood memories include a trekking and wilderness lesson in the Subic Bay Jungle and learning how to make cutlery with wild bamboo, as well as finding fresh water from plants. Her favorite movies include AnastasiaThe Proposal, and Tarzan, and her favorite book is The Aleph by Paulo Coelho. She’s most proud of her resilience and her kiddos, and she hopes to one day have the power of infinite energy so she can run on no sleep…something I think all of us would want.

Melody Tauzin


Melody brings a little color and shine wherever she goes, and if you’re lucky, she’ll bring you cupcakes, too! Melody has a huge heart, always has a funny story to tell, and she’s incredibly loyal. Her attention to detail and go-getter attitude helps to keep all of our publications looking their best. Along with being an incredible graphic designer, she’s also a professional Color Analyst. Born in Baton Rouge, but raised in Port Allen, Melody plans to buy a car for every member of her family in case she ever wins the lottery. She also hopes to one day have dinner with James Earl Jones, acquire the super ability of invisibility, and to stay as far away from all the frogs as possible.


Alex Herring


We are so excited to have Alex Herring as a graphic designer from Saltillo, Mississippi! She loves cats, Howl’s Moving Castle, and peanut butter M&Ms. You can catch her singing “September” by Earth, Wind, and Fire for any karaoke night, or maybe you will see her living in that beach house she has been dreaming of. Alex can always count on the TV show New Girl to make her laugh, and she would love to have dinner with Mark Lee one day. She is also most proud of her sticker collection; we sure are glad she stuck with us!

Laurie Acosta


Laurie has over a decade of experience in sales and marketing from B2B to B2C, she’s super passionate about everything traditional and digital media. She focuses on leading and coaching the sales team and creating innovative and strategic plans for her clients’ success.
     When she’s not busy building brands, Laurie loves to travel, cook and hang out with her family and friends. One of her favorite past times is game night (her first is food), and always up for a little competition. If you don’t see her in her hometown of Brusly, Louisiana, she’s probably hanging out in the big apple, basking in the sun on an island or hanging with a mouse at a castle!

Crystal Barrett


If you’re looking to talk about all things horror, mystery or thriller related, Crystal’s your go-to! She loves all things horror, especially when it comes to films and books. Crystal was born and raised right here in Baton Rouge, but she loves traveling every chance she gets. Some of her best memories of growing up revolve around trips with her family. If she were a superhero, she would want to be able to read minds. However, we think she might be able to already with how well she meshes with all of her clients. Crystal and her firefighter husband, Michael, are parents to two boys, Jackson and Jameson, who make them laugh all the time. Crystal is funny, easy to talk to, and she loves a glass of wine every now and then. She has over 12 years of advertising and marketing experience, and she enjoys helping businesses grow. 

Camille Miller


Camille Miller is a true Louisianian. Her favorite summers are those she spent with her friends and cousins at her family’s camp on False River, and of course, singing along to “Callin’ Baton Rouge” during karaoke. She loves a good laugh and always appreciates a terribly cheesy dad joke. When it comes to movies or series, she’s usually watching something full of murder and mystery. However, don’t let her love for spooky things fool you! She’s incredibly bubbly, has an infectious laugh, and loves a costume party!

Jason Wall


For the past 18 years, Jason has had the ability to teach kids about sports and life–the successes, failures, commitment, and how to be a team player. And now, along with still keeping up with his coaching abilities, he has joined our team to help businesses in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas reach their full potential.

Jason is from Baton Rouge and he loves to laugh. Mostly anything will make him laugh. His favorite movie is Caddyshack, and if he ever won the lottery, the first thing he would buy is a bottle of champagne. His guilty pleasure is a Dr. Pepper, and if he could have dinner with anyone it would be Nolan Ryan. He is a proud coach to many young athletes, but what really makes him the most proud is his wife and kids. 

Ryn Whiteside


Ryn is hard to catch because she is always on the move, working to make sure everything   that needs to be done, gets done. If she had a superpower, she would want it to be super   speed, but we think she already has it with how much she manages to get done in a single   day. Ryn’s outgoing personality is mimicked almost perfectly in her pint-sized daughter,   Hadley, who she shares is the one person who can always make her laugh. When things   slow down long enough for her to get a few moments to herself, Ryn enjoys watching   YellowstoneFriends, and Ghost Adventures. However, a vacation is really what she longs   for considering it’s the first thing she would buy after winning the lottery, and because she   has fond memories of visiting the Virgin Islands when she was younger.


Emily Mancuso


Emily Mancuso is a marketing specialist from Covington. If she could describe herself in one word, she would decide herself as “genuine,” and we couldn’t agree more! She would heal wounds and cure sicknesses if she were to have superpowers. She is also a foodie; her fondest childhood memory is eating chicken nuggets and drinking Coke Icees with her friends, she loves her air fryer, and her guilty pleasure is eating sour gummy worms while watching rom coms. She would also love to go to Italy one day and drift through a canal in a gondola while eating spaghetti. We are so glad Emily is with us in Baton Rouge now!

Roxane Voorhies


If you have somewhere you want to go or something new you want to try and you need someone to do it with you: call Roxane. Chances are, she is up for it! From riding camels in Morocco to visiting her daughter in Kentucky or her son in Florida, Roxane is always on an adventure, because she loves meeting new people and learning about new places. These two things make her perfect for reaching out to our community and coordinating all of our projects here at the magazine. Roxane is the mother to three amazing children who have all left the nest to pursue big things–which gives her even more reason to travel–and because of this, she keeps two suitcases packed (one for warm weather and one for cold weather) so she is always ready to go. If she could be a superhero, she would want to be Wonder Woman. We feel she doesn’t have to worry about that though, because she is already Wonder Woman to us!


Teri Hodges


Teri was born in California and raised in Oklahoma, but we’re happy to have her here in Louisiana as a member of our team. To Teri, family comes first, which makes her the perfect fit for our squad here at Baton Rouge Parents Magazine. Teri enjoys listening to her boys debate one another on their favorite sports teams’ wins and losses and upcoming rivalry matches. She also loves to travel and hopes to one day have super strength if she ever acquires superhero powers! Teri is incredibly inquisitive, a nurturer, and a wonderful friend to all she meets, but when it comes to anything peanut butter, all bets are off.

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