Need to Know Lingos to Keep up with the Grandkids 

It’s hard to keep up with your own kids sometimes, so you can imagine how hard it can be to keep up with your grandchildren. Nowadays, you can find it rather difficult to understand what your grandchildren are trying to say or text to you. It all just looks like a bunch of random letters strung together at times or a weird word that doesn’t really fit the context of your current conversation. From their silly acronyms to their ever evolving slangs, it seems like your grandchildren have developed their own little language. Fear not though, to aid in your ability to communicate with your grandchildren, here is a list of some of lingos that kids these days use and what they mean!



ATM= At the moment

BRB= Be right back

BTW= By the way

CTN= Can’t talk now

FINSTA= Fake Instagram account

FOMO= Fear of missing out

GOAT= Greatest of all time

GTG= Got to go

HAGS= Have a great summer

IDK= I don’t know

JK= Just kidding

LMK= Let me know

LOL= Laughing out loud

NM= Nevermind

NP= No problem

OMG= Oh my gosh

OMW= On my way

ROFL= Rolling on the floor laughing

SMH= Shaking my head

TTYL= Talk to you later

WDYM= What do you mean



Bet= Yes

Cringe= Awkward or embarrassing

Dope= Awesome

Extra= Over the top

Flex= Show off

Ghosted= Cut off communication 

Gucci= Cool

High Key= Very Interested 

Lit= Cool

Mid= Average

No Cap= No lie 

Rizz= Charisma 

Salty= Bitter

Shook= Shocked

Slay= To be stylish

Stop the Cap= Stop lying

Sus= Shady

Tea= Gossip

Thirsty= Desperate for attention

This is Bussin= This is really good

Yeet= To throw

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