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Nova was the videoly that we all wanted to read in the Sixties because every issue brought something new and relevant to our lives: extraordinary fashion by Molly Parkin; innovative layouts and photographs by Harri Peccinotti; articles about the Pill and our new sexual freedom and a different take on beauty, fashion and celebrity - for one incredibly complicated story, we revamped the Queen. Our editor, Dennis Hackett, always thought outside the box a

Every now and then when I’m talking about Louisiana Boomers with friends, someone will invariably ask, “What exactly is a Boomer?” So here is what I tell them:

Boomers are the wealthiest generation in America, set to pass on $68 trillion (yes, trillion) to their children, the largest generational wealth transfer ever, according to the Wall Street Journal. And real estate? Boomers, according to The New York Times, own the largest share of real estate in the country.

One study by the American Medical Association found that Boomers are different from generations that preceded them–they are more savvy, assertive, health conscious and engaged in their healthcare. They value and pursue social engagement, healthy lifestyles, and have high expectations for wellness and independence in late life. And this is just for starters.

In this issue of Louisiana Boomers, we’ll touch on these topics and more. For example, have you and your spouse considered the worth of your home and using it as income for your retirement or healthcare expenses? Could a reverse mortgage be in your future? Learn the pros and cons of this process and if it works for you. After all, your home is the biggest investment you have. Is it time for it to work for you?

We welcome well-known horticulturist, Dan Gill, to the cover of Louisiana Boomers and our first “Home and Garden” issue. Gill, who recently retired from his position at the LSU AgCenter, is a current garden writer for the Times Picayune/Advocate who inspires us to be good stewards of the land. Through his books, writing, and television appearances, we have become more aware of the beauty of our environment and climate. He’s especially pleased that one of the silver linings of the pandemic is that Americans became more interested in gardening–yes, the healing powers of fresh air and working in the soil!

It’s springtime, and time to follow Gill’s advice and weed your garden, plant some colorful flowers and vegetables, and get back to nature. Visit your local library for seeds and books about gardening. Read our librarians’ recommendations in this issue.

In the last few months, our state has endured hurricanes, tornados, and a long, chilly winter. It’s time to celebrate spring by visiting a public garden (the Botanical Garden at New Orleans City Park is definitely worth a visit) or work in your own backyard. Enjoy all that nature has to offer. It’s time.

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