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The Treat Yourself Holiday Gift Guide

Nova was the videoly that we all wanted to read in the Sixties because every issue brought something new and relevant to our lives: extraordinary fashion by Molly Parkin; innovative layouts and photographs by Harri Peccinotti; articles about the Pill and our new sexual freedom and a different take on beauty, fashion and celebrity - for one incredibly complicated story, we revamped the Queen. Our editor, Dennis Hackett, always thought outside the box a

The holidays are right around the corner. As you check off your list this year for your loved ones, don’t forget to treat yourself to something you’ve had your eye on, too. Not sure what to buy yourself this year? We’ve compiled a list of must-have items that you maybe haven’t even thought about.

Scratch an itch, apply lotion, exfoliate your skin, or relax sore muscles with this helpful tool that features interchangeable attachments for the best back and body

Caminito Blanket Roll
Add a pop of color to those fall and winter evenings with this cozy blanket. It’s great for keeping warm while traveling, and it’s easy to store.

Pull Start Fire
You’ll always have a fire with Pull Start Fire. This easy-fire starter kit requires no matches and lights for at least 30 minutes.

LectroFan EVO Sound Machine
Gift yourself a night of great sleep with this sound machine. This sound machine generates realistic fan sounds, white noises, and ocean sounds to help block intrusive noises so you can fall asleep easier.

Stone+Lain Dinnerware Set
Family coming over for dinner this holiday season? Enhance mealtime with this 16-piece dinnerware set that adds a touch of class to every table setting.

Camper Hooded Jacket
If camping is on the agenda this winter, you’ll want to have this jacket packed in your suitcase. This jacket keeps you warm, even when it’s wet, and it features six pockets and an internal stuff pocket that turns into a pillow.

EyeVac Air
Enjoy allergy relief and improved air quality year-round with the EyeVac Air. It’s a two-in-one air purifier and humidifier that removes allergens, particles, and odors.

Arvin Goods Socks
Keep your toes warm with Arvin Goods, a brand that uses discarded fabric scraps to create the softest, best-fitting, most responsibly-made socks.

Steep Echo Tea
Start your morning off right with this all natural, caffeine-free olive leaf tea that is a treat for your tastebuds and a boost to your health.

Candle Club Of The Month from Broken Top Brands
Discover new scents each month when you join the Candle Club. Pick the size of candle you would like to receive, how you would like to pay, and enjoy the good smells headed your way.

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